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Wok Beiz and Rondo Seasons Restaurant

Jobs at the WAID: seize the moment – it’s now or never!

If you wish to apply for a job with us, what you need most, apart from the right qualifications, is a love of working in the catering industry – a positive feeling which you let us see every day. Whatever you do, the most important thing is to show us that you treat each and every guest at the WAID like a king or queen.

The sunny way to warmth and hospitality

A working day at the WAID

WAID head chef Jean-Luc Boutilly:
However hectic things get, cooking is always fun!

The WAID is open six days a week, with Mondays being our day off. I also devote much of my free time to cooking as it’s still a source of immense pleasure for me every single day. I love to create dishes, think up new compositions and try out harmonious combinations. Something I especially like is exchanging ideas with my team. These activities are among the good things in life for me.
That’s why I don’t mind starting the preparations for the day at 6 o’clock in the morning. This includes taking delivery of produce when our suppliers arrive. It is particularly important to get on well with them, for if there’s no fresh produce, there’s no magic in the kitchen! The lunchtime shift lasts until about 3.00 p.m., after which there’s a short break before we start preparing for the evening. We finish at midnight, then I go home and read a couple of pages before going to sleep a happy man.

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  • Wir suchen Servicemitarbeiter/Innen

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