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Wok Beiz and Rondo Seasons Restaurant

The WAID partners: only the best for our guests at all times

The finest preparation in the kitchen, the best-tasting food, the most attractive presentation by our service staff and the most glorious views all pale into insignificance if we can't rely on the excellent quality of our suppliers day in, day out. We treat our partners with fairness.

On an equal footing with our suppliers and partners

A network for good taste

In a restaurant, having the right partners at your side is not a matter of chance but the result of hard work, extensive research and stringent quality control.

The decision regarding which suppliers are considered suitable for which foods is therefore crucial for those responsible at the WAID.
The same applies to the suppliers of all the non-food items at our establishment – and especially to the seminar rooms which are available for hire. When procuring our top-quality food and drink, we try to source fresh local and regional produce while attaching great importance to the fact that our mutual partnerships are honest, trustworthy, reliable, longstanding, fair and in line with the market.
The high quality and freshness of the goods we source play a decisive role. As you can see, we haven’t got such a good reputation for nothing…