WOK Festival

WOK Festival

Have you reserved a table in our WOK restaurant and are at least three hungry people? Perfect! Then you should take a closer look at our WOK Festival.

The house “Restaurant Die Waid” is divided into two parts or restaurants/cookings. Seen from the entrance on the left is the Jahreszeiten Restaurant. It stands for classic cuisine with plate service, which is strongly geared to the seasonal offer. On the right side is the WOK restaurant – or we just say WOK-Bar. In the WOK-Bar we do not serve the dishes on plates, but in special WOK pans that are placed in the middle of the table on rechauds. According to the motto “Never WOK alone”, you can put together your personal WOK selection. According to your own taste. Fish, meat, vegetarian are available and all you can eat!

Nonetheless, there are a few mandatory WOKs that you can’t avoid. At the top of the list is the Waid Wok . A real classic: Fried strips of chicken thighs with red curry sauce, with crispy wok vegetables and coconut milk, served with jasmine rice … Yummy!

Or the Café de Paris Wok : strips of beef fillet fried in butter with a homemade Café de Paris sauce, with tomato strips and onions, served with jasmine rice.

Or would you prefer the Gambas Wok ?: Giant prawns with mixed vegetables, sweet chili sauce, soy sauce and lemon juice, served with jasmine rice.

What should you choose among all the delicacies? This is exactly where the WOK Festival comes in. Choose from 5 or 6 different woks from our entire range.

Prices Wok Festival à discrétion per person

with 5 different Woks 55.00 CHF
with 6 different Woks 58.00 CHF

What should you watch out for at the WOK Festival? Our main course buffet à discrétion is a great thing. There are a few rules to make sure everyone has fun.


  • It can only be ordered from 3 people.
  • It can only be ordered uniformly for a table, a blackboard or a group.
  • A “take away” of the leftover wok dishes is not possible with the wok.

We ask for your understanding.

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